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Since the day we were set up, we've only worked for a clean world

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Laundry Hygiene

Laundry hygiene is defined as practices to protect against health-damaging environments and the cleanliness precautions taken for them.


Food Hygiene

One of the perks of our health is food hygiene. Food hygiene has a quality that can deeply affect our health, even alone.


Floor Cleaning and Hygiene

Floor cleaning and hygiene are complementary to other hygiene. It's very important for environmental cleanliness.


General Cleaning and Upkeep

The general cleaning, covering many areas that remain, is of great importance because it includes other areas of cleanliness and hygiene.


Personal Care

Personal care and hygiene are very important to our health. It is possible to experience a variety of diseases if proper maintenance and cleaning are not performed.

Our vision
Who Are We?

Industrial cleaning, industrial hygiene since 1997, as Efser chemical, in addition to producing household hygiene products and technical chemicals, the product and the customer are by increasing our portfolio day by day, we continue to evolve in line with our vision goals.



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Industrial Cleaning Products

Together with the evolving technology and industry, the diversity of industrial products and the demand for different industrial products has increased demand for different uses and functional products. In this respect, the products that are best

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What is Industrial Cleaning?

The general cleanliness of industrial, factory and many companies is called Industrial cleaning, in order to conduct their business in a more active condition. Industrial cleaning is needed for the removal of machinery systems from the companies.

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What is detergent?

Chemicals derived from petro-chemical products, used for cleaning and cleaning, may be in the form of dust, liquid or cream, are called “detergent”. Detergent means dirt removal and all cleaners except soap enter

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